Logbook Loans Eastern England Testimonials

What People Have To Say About Logbook Loans Eastern England .

Mr C. Mahlangu

Logbook Loans Eastern England came to my aid at a time in my life where I had lost everything even my wife and kids and all I had was a lousy apartment and a boat which was a gift and I had not taken to the waves yet. At this critical time I needed cash to help my business and I was so lucky to find you guys. Within a month my business had made all the loan money back and even thou the payment agreement was six months they still allowed me to payback the rest of the balance due within a month. Thank you so much for such an awesome service guys, God bless you!

Ms Q. Carman

I was so desperate for a getaway vacation and even thou I had some cash I just needed security money just in case I find myself in some unforeseen situations that would require money to get out of. Logbook Loans Eastern England provided me with the cash I needed and allowed me to make payments over a period I was comfortable with which I found amazing. Guys, thank for such an awesome service please keep up the good work.

Mr J. Manson

I will never forget my experience when I first walked into your shop. I took you guys less than ten minutes to approve my loan and walked out of there 30 minutes later with a payment notification sms saying that £ 100 000 has been deposited into my account. This was a really exciting moment for me as I could see all my problems go away! Thank you so much for such a quick and friendly service.

Mrs Z. Helen

I was told about how great Logbook Loans Eastern England is but I didn’t believe until I needed to get my hands on cold hard cash to handle some of my personal business. I drove over to the pawn workshop where my boat was inspected and approved as worthy for a loan at a minimum of £ 500 000 and all I needed was £ 50 000 but I ended asking for a little bit more and it was not a problem. Yes, you guys are great and I thank you for truly caring about your customers well being.